Friday, 24 December 2010

Review of drug-store foundations

I have gone through quitee a few foundations since I started wearing makeup, and most of them are from a drugstore so are readily available to everyone who lives near a Boots or Superdrug, so as it got a few votes in the poll, here is a quick overview of my favourites :)

Quick note: Foundation isn't something I usually wear on it's own - no foundation will really achieve its full potential just slapped on your bare skin aha, it does take a little bit of effort to moisturise first and set it with powder afterwards for best results, but it's well-worth it! So if you're not getting the results you want out of a foundation maybe you're missing out a different step or are not using one suited to your skin tone (see blog post below!).

Anyway on with the overview!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid £8.19
Okay so this is my personal favourite atm, it's got a great buildable coverage and is very easy to blend. It makes your skin look flawless and covers up blemishes and evens out your skintone perfectly. What makes it special is the gorgeous satin finish, making you look glowy and fresh rather than one colour-matte which can make your skin look a bit dull. It's also really affordable and there are often 3for2 deals including this product.

L'oreal Paris True Match £10.29
This foundation is another great one to buy. It has different shades for warm, neutral and cool skin and it's super blendable and easy to build up. The 'true match' claim means that if your shade doesn't match your skin perfectly, the colour adjusts to match your skin better - any obvious colour seems to 'disappear' so it isn't obvious you're wearing foundation. The coverage is really good and makes your skin look flawless without feeling heavy on your skin.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation £12.99
Another amazing product, the lightest shade of this foundation is recommended for pale skin, who can sometimes struggle to find a light enough shade. Once again this foundation is really blendable with great coverage for a flawless finish. It covers blemishes really well as it acts like a 'second skin', also great at covering up redness. Makes you skin look really smooth :) Only downside is there aren't many shades, but if a shade matches your skin well then i'd definitely recommend it!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation - £7.69
This is the most popular foundation in the market for a reason! It has a really good buildable coverage, with a matte finish making it an ideal base for other face makeup. However it can look powdery or obvious if you use too much, and IT IS NO GOOD ON DRY SKIN. So if you have dry skin be warned, it shows up dry patches like a bitch and 'sticks' to them...not a good look. Moisturising before using this foundation is really important aha, and for most people this foundation is great if you're on a budget :)

Soo that's a quick overview of my favourite drugstore foundations, hope it was useful!♥

Have a great Christmas! xoxo

Monday, 20 December 2010

Understanding skin types & undertones

Skin is not just Skin. Well, it is - but you can examine and define it in much more detail aha.
Everyone has a skin type and different colour undertones to their skin - and knowing these will help you to buy the best products for your skin, and match the right shade of foundation!

Part 1: Skin Types
Combination Skin
This is the most common skin type; being oily in some places and dry in others. Often the T-zone (forehead and nose) gets oily and the cheeks may develop dry patches, especially in winter.

When it comes to makeup, common problems experienced with combination skin are an oily T-zone after a few hours, or a few dry patches showing up under foundation.
A foamy cleanser is ideal to use in the mornings for this skin type - I have this skin and use a lightly exfoliating face wash which is good. A light moisturiser should be used all over combination skin in the morning, with most of the focus on drier areas. Any face makeup should be set with a powder, and pressed powder used on the T-zone to prevent oilyness. Mineral makeup is a great option if you only want a light coverage, as it contains natural pigments which should not irritate either dry or oily patches of skin.

Oily Skin
Oily skin often feels greasy all over and gets shiny very quickly. It also is prone to spots all over and pores are often quite large and visible.

It's an easy mistake to choose a strong, exfoliating cleanser to use on oily skin to try and keep it under control but this can do more bad than good if used regularly - it strips away all the moisture from your face. For a daily cleanser, a foaming facial wash is reccomended. You still must use a moisturiser! But stick to lighter watery moisturisers. When it comes to any makeup or facial products steer clear of any oil-based products, choosing water based products instead. A mattifying primer or pore minimiser makes a good base for makeup, and powder foundations will absorb oil well. It's also a good idea to have oil blotting sheets with you at all times! (can be bought from Mac, the Body Shop etc) These can be used throughout the day to absorb excess oil.

Dry Skin
Dry skin feels tight after washing and flaky patches may appear (especially under foundations). Also prone to redness.

A gentle creamy cleanser is ideal for dry skin. A thick moisturiser should be used before applying makeup and also overnight to leave skin soft and nourished. Allow plenty of time for the moisturiser to fully absorb before apply further products, otherwise it's effects are lost! As for makeup, liquid foundations may be most suitable - you can mix these with moisturiser as well if needed. Stay away from mousse foundations (Dream matte mousse = avoid at ALL costs for dry skin! shows up dry patches like a bitch aha). Some powder foundations also tend to 'stick' to dry patches so it may be a good idea to avoid them.

Sensitive skin can be super-awkward at times, with it's unpredictable ways - but if you know how to handle it it makes life that little bit easier.

Products with fragrances or preservatives can often irritate sensitive skin. Search for fragrance-free products and those with more natural ingrediants so to lessen the chance of developing a rash. Also look for 'hypoallergenic' makeup, as this means it is developed to be less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Powder foundations are reccomended over liquids, as they tend to contain less preservatives - but if you're hooked on liquid foundation try to buy foundations with silicone in them as this is known for not irritating the skin. It is important to throw away makeup once it reaches the end of its life span (foundation: 6 months, mascara: 3-6 months, powders:1-2 years) as by this stage it often contains many bacteria which can irritate your skin.

Nowadays there are so many varieties of skincare and makeup out there, you may have to try a few products before you find your HG foundation/powder/whatever! Experimenting with lots of different products will be worth all the effort and money once you find what you're looking for, so don't settle for second best!
Also there are many skincare ranges and makeup products out there now dedicated to specific skin types so they may be worth a try - but don't ignore other products which don't include your skin type in the name because you could miss out.

Hope this post was useful :)
I will post Part 2 - Understanding Undertones within the next few days

Saturday, 4 December 2010

101 things in 1001 days project

Okay first of all SORRY, because this is really off-topic and I will post again something relevant soon I PROMISE.

you should totally check out this site:

You can sign up in about 30 seconds and create a list of 101 things you want to do/achieve in 1001 days.
It also provides loads of ideas for you and you can track your progress etc.

I've just started making my list, you totally should too! [And tell me if you, it's on my list to influence someone else to join aha]


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Quick note: Poll & Blog Suggestions

Heyyy just a quick note to say I've put up a poll > > >
And you should vote in it ahaa, because I don't really know what people want to read atm?
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Alsoo I have a formspring if you want to write down any other suggestions or ask me anythingg♥

Love youu

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Coloured tip nails :)

Sooo i thought i'd do a little post on one of my fave easy mani's to do
It basically involves leaving most of your nail nude and painting cute coloured tips to make them pop :)

So here's how:
1) After applying a clear base coat, paint a few coats of a colour which is similar to your skin for a mannequin-hands effect. I use OPI Samoan Sand :) You could skip this stage and just use your natural nail colour as the base but I like the ultra-nude look Samoan Sand gives me :)

2) Leave the base colour to dry for a good amount of time (so if you're using nail guides they will not pull off some of the polish when you take them of). Then, using nail tip guides (or free hand if you dare!), paint a layer of colour on the tips.

3) Leave to dry and wack on a top coat to keep it looking glossy and chip-free, and ta-dah you are done!!

Here are some of my favs, purple (fav colour ever!) and hot pink:
(Not gunna lie these are very messy, did the purple free-hand in a hotel room with my nails in the worst condition they have EVER EVER been because surfing destroyed them so bad ;/ BUT WHATEVER :))

Samoan sand looks two totally different colours in these photos, it's more like the first not sure why it appeared so dark in the second set of photos but ohwell :)

Hopee you like!